On Highway CarbometPlus® Disc Pads


For years our disc brake pads have been proven on the toughest test track there is: wherever cars, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles take to the road.

The advanced technology of our brakes has fully measured up to the demands of those who operate heavy duty trucks, school busses, fire engines and police cruisers. In the world’s most demanding applications, we have met the challenge through superior performance.

The same materials used in our heavy-duty brakes are used in our passenger car brakes. They meet or exceed original equipment standards to offer truly superior performance and are formulated with specific applications in mind. Whether carbon metallic (CarbometPlus®), Ceramic (Specific), or semi-met, you can count on Hawkhead quality.

Our disc brake pads are manufactured using the most advanced, most reliable method known, integral molding. Our linings and backing plates form a solid, fully integrated assembly providing complete braking with no fade, squeal, heaving, or shearing.

Independent tests and practical use have proven our disc brakes exhibit virtually no fade. You get the benefit of full braking power, even in the most critical and demanding situations. There is where our heritage of heavy-duty brake technology really pays off in added safety for you and your passengers.

Superior value is not always reflected in price. Because the same factors that give our brakes better performance also give them longer life. Brake changes are less frequent; fleets sensitive to long-term maintenance costs are offered relief.

Dealers and distributors will find one of the largest ranges of FMSI numbers available, with new additions every three months that coincide with new model availability. With regard to new requests, our order, tooling, and production window is very small compared to the major manufacturers.


Here is a List of Disc Brake Pads

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