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The development of the HWK-643 compound opened the door to many OEM replacement applications for the Hawkhead gear tooth facing. After a long development cycle and repeated testing for tooth strength and coefficient consistency HWK-643 offers a high quality, cost efficient, facing with higher then normal tooth strength. Deploying a positive mold process brings added strength to the tooth and consistent geometry. Although in later years it has become fashionable to water cut or laser cut friction facings for production type runs we continue to endorse the molded type part. There are some applications where we will offer a machined facing, however typically this would be for a short run or emergency type application.



Because of the unique application criteria for this part we use a proprietary compound not found in our standard off the shelf material.  In this application there is a small window for product viability as this ring works in a shear pin type application where customers who understand the application know they would much rather lose a gear tooth ring instead of $20,000.00 worth of transmission.  In not your typical application from both a friction and gear tooth stand point we feel our ring hits that small target which this ring is designed for. 

With several thousands of these rings in use over the last several years, warranty claims have been virtually non-existent.


Very smooth, powerful and quiet stopping equals CARBOMETPLUS®.

Very high heat resistance and no fade under extreme loads.

Excellent wear on both disc and rotor - A very long lasting brake combination.

Hawkhead offers the most complete selection of off-highway friction applications available on the aftermarket segment.

The CARBOMETPLUS® friction was originally developed for heavy trucking and off highway brakes, It is therefore able to handle high heat while developing the brake torque needed for stopping heavy vehicles. It doesn't crumble and flake when it has had to become very, very hot.

While CARBOMETPLUS® pads outlast competition, an even greater benefit is that rotor life is improved. You cost per mile will drop when you use CARBOMETPLUS®.

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